Chocolate-Banana Quinoa Pudding

Here’s a recipe to quench your sweet tooth, because I sense it has been feeling ignored over the past few posts. Bones, avocados and fish are all good, but desserts, for some reason, are always the superstar.

Pudding is a great type of dessert, as it is very versatile. It can be raw or cooked like a custard, it can be smooth or textured (like our local rezz b7aleeb / رزّ بحليب , or rice milk pudding), it can be light and fluffy (on the mousse side), runny, jelly like, or firm as a soft cake.  Ultimately, it can be mixed or topped with a choice of fruits, nuts, cookies,… You can really unleash your creativity in puddings. Continue reading


The Big Bone Operation

I warn you. This post should be rated R [ Under 17 –  requires an accompanying parent or adult guardian ], because of some of the material it contains.

First, a (not too) small background on the whys and wherefores of the Big Bone Operation.

I switched to a strict gluten-free diet after being diagnosed with Coeliac disease last December, and started to feel my energy picking up within a few weeks. Even though it was sad having to bid farewell to wheat bread for ever, I was motivated by the perspective of getting better, and genuinely excited at the challenge of a gluten-free diet, as it defies the very foundation of my eating and cooking. I had already experienced a major turning point in summer, when I eliminated all cow milk from my diet. The outcome was an incredible expansion of my tastes, knowledge and cookery skills. I started to eat – and like! – sheep and goat cheeses, I discovered the vast world of dairy alternatives – that are NOT soy based -, I started to make vegan milks and cheeses at home, and I enjoyed converting my trusted recipes to meet my new standards. Since a lot of manufactured goods contain, for some corrupted reason, dairy derivatives, I found myself spontaneously buying less ready-made goods in general, progressively withdrawing from the buzzing mainstream market.
In case you did not know, most commercial products contain to various degrees derivatives of wheat, corn, soy and milk – all in the official top 10 allergens; now isn’t that strange?…

This fascinating experience made me come to grips with the new gluten-free diet restriction with a surprisingly welcoming frame of mind. This unfamiliar cuisine expanded my horizons even more, taking the cookery experience to a whole new level. I couldn’t believe the transformation that was taking place, and looking back to my “old” self, I was amazed and proud to see I came such a long way. Not only was I doing most of my food preparation from scratch, pulling off milling, fermenting, sprouting or other supposedly preposterous activities… but I had also integrated so many foodstuffs I was previously uneasy with. Continue reading