cmd-alt-mehshe: The Unstuffed Shortcut

We all love mehshe (in arabic محشي, to be pronounced me7she). Mehshe koussa, mehshe wara2 3enab, mehshe malfoof,… the list is long! In english, it would translate to stuffed courgettes, stuffed summer squash / marrow, stuffed vine leaves and stuffed cabbage. These are considered standards of our dear Lebanese cuisine, which also includes stuffed aubergines, potatoes, bell pepper, swiss chard,… well, pretty much anything that can be stuffable!

The problem with mehshe is the preparation: not only does it require patience and dexterity (which a lot of people don’t have), but it is, on top, an extremely time-consuming operation which, let’s face it, does not fit in the hectic pace of our lives. If asked, most people would tell you that they would gladly eat mehshe EVERYDAY if they could, but they almost never make it themselves. They usually only eat it  in restaurants or at family gatherings (moms, grandmas and aunties, for some reason, always have the time to make mehshe…). Continue reading


Thinking outside the bag

If you are like me, you do your fruit and veggie shopping once or twice a week, then you should probably be familiar with the “and how am I going to wash all that?” toughie.

In general, I shop once a week for fruits and vegetables, and once for greens. In both cases, I come back home with an enormous amount of vegetal matter, that quickly turns intimidating the moment I need to start washing. I do not like to keep unwashed goods in my fridge, and having to wash on demand every single time I need an item calls off all intent of helping myself to vegetables and fruits, as salad, side dish or snack. On the other hand, when they’re ready to use, all fresh and clean, I find myself consuming fruits and veggies à volonté. Continue reading