How murky can fishy be?

It’s been happening more and more recently. Every time we have friends over in the evening, they seem intrigued by the “special” dinner I prepare for myself. Alongside all the dishes we put on the table, there’s always MY tray, with a bowl of soup, some eggs, avocado, weird mushy things, and a suspicious jar. The moment I open the jar, the curiosity in the eyes of our guests is instantly transformed… into horror, shooting thunderbolts that scream “what the f*** is that?!?”. I’m starting to get used to that sequence, yet I’m never bored to see the reaction on people’s faces when the stink trapped inside the jar hits their nostrils. They’re thinking “Is she really gonna eat that?”…

“Would you like to try some?” I backfire. “It’s fermented fish” I answer right before they ask. Continue reading


Take a swim with the fish

When, 5 years ago, I started one of my favourite activities, which is swimming in the morning, I set about doing widths, then lengths in a swimming pool. Then I switched to swimming in the sea.

Since I’ve been doing this all year round, I quickly found out that it was a normal occurrence to “stumble” (well, I don’t know if the word is appropriate in an aquatic context…) across the normal inhabitants of our beloved sea, FISH. Continue reading