Vacation ≠ Time Off

Apologies, apologies…

Vacation season is almost at its end. But don’t be fooled by the concept of “vacation”, it seems to only apply to others (parents with children off school or nursery should know what I’m talking about!).
Now that Karma’s one month vacation is about to end, we are getting ready to take the first step… in the long journey through school years. Karma’s first day at school is next Monday 🙂

Looks like it is, after all, the season for major changes around here. The commotion is not about to end anytime soon, and I will have to ask for an extension of “blogging vacation” till early October. The reason for this is a very exciting one: we will be moving houses before the end of the month! As there is going to be loads of works, packing, reorganizing, etc… I am sure you’ll all understand that I may not be able to spend much time online. But you can be sure that I’ll be stockpiling material for new posts along the way (especially when you know that we’ll be setting up our new little kitchen, which I love already!!!!).

So expect lot of posts about kitchen planning, organization and space management, but also some book reviews (a couple of must-reads I’m impatient to tell you about), and of course the essential “kitchen buzzes” – I’ve been up to quite some gratifying experimentations lately; recipes to come soon!

I hope september will bring some well-needed freshness to you all, nothing but good changes… and hopefully some settling down by the end of it!


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