The Fabulous Avocado: cream of chicken

This is the first of a series of posts, dedicated to Avocado. I would have written odes to praise the glory of this mighty fruit, but hey, this blog is not intended for poetry, and I may lose most of my readers – except the few of you who fancy verses even in their most  ludicrous context.

I am (obviously) in a phase of almost religious veneration of avocado. It’s funny because for the longest time, I felt totally indifferent towards it (to a point where I would gladly waive any avocado in my food to others; they were always baffled at such a concession – but you bet they never refused it).

What turned me off in this highly coveted fruit is its conspicuous neutral taste. It has such a rich consistency, yet a flavour that seems so elusive. Rarely does one eat a plain avocado, without any salt, dressing or topping. But when combined with anything, it always reveals a different flavour, one that is never the same, that always surprises you, and that’s always delicious.

Most avocado veterans know all this already, but I just discovered that it is precisely this apparently neutral taste that makes it marry so well with such a big variety of accompaniments. And let me tell you this: I’m constantly amazed at how polyvalent this little green thing is!

I’m so eager to share with you some of my avocado based recipes. What they all have in common is that they only call for 5 or less ingredients, they’re all quick (really quick), and they all require some sort of blender (kind of goes together, right?). Using a fork or a manual masher will not bring out the incomparable creaminess, which is mainly what I’ve been seeking in avocado. So I recommend using either a regular stand mixer / blender, or an electric hand blender (some have their own small container, or you can use it directly in your bowl). I use a Vitamix blender. This machine is a category on its own… Nothing compares to it. Really. But this blog entry’s no the place to talk about it; I will write a dedicated post about my Vitamix for sure.

The following recipe is extremely undemanding, and is open to variation.
Whenever you plan to boil some chicken, just make sure to put some stock aside so you put together this delicious soup for a nice light yet hearty dinner.


Ingredients (for one person):

  • 200 ml of chicken stock (homemade is certainly better!)
  • 1 medium very ripe avocado
  • Salt to taste
  • Your choice of condiments (herbs, garlic, lemon, yoghurt, pickle juice…)


  1. Heat chicken stock
  2. Peel avocado and throw in blender
  3. Add chicken stock and blend till the consistency is silky. Adjust thickness to your liking by adding extra chicken stock (I like mine very creamy)
  4. Season to taste

I have always been a big fan of soups (I even enjoyed ready-made Maggi sachets in the past, how lower can you go?…). But nothing beats homemade soups, that’s a fact. They can be ultra-sophisticated, or ridiculously basic (I tend to prefer those), they will always be a delight.

That the GAPS diet rely a lot on soups comes as a luxury to me: I have a bowl before each meal (it readies the system for the latter – this has been known for ages all over the planet). Cream of Chicken and Avocado is becoming… one of my breakfast favourites!


4 thoughts on “The Fabulous Avocado: cream of chicken

    • I thought you would. And I think you’ll love the upcoming Avocado posts (tried something AMAZING yesterday, can’t wait to tell you!)

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