At last came the blog

There. It took me years since I first said to myself “I gotta have my blog”. And meanwhile, so many things have happened. To put it shortly, my life has taken quite a dramatic turn over the past couple of years, and shifted its center towards… the kitchen. It has been an overwhelming source of inspiration, surprise and satisfaction. I just love the feeling of being “behind the decks”, sleeves rolled up, handling all sorts of stuff and tools, kneading, smearing, weighing, straining, fermenting… transforming matter into something totally different. My kitchen is somewhere between a studio and a lab. It is a space for creativity and magic, and it can witness the craziest experiments…

What’s most consequential is that my kitchen is constantly transforming ME. The sense of accomplishment it grants me is gripping; it has truly pushed my limits in ways I would have never though possible. When we have the power over the food we eat, we get to the core of our humanhood. We are not passive creatures that just wait for something to fall into their plates. We owe it to ourselves to have a decent knowledge about the food we eat, and to recognize that preparing our own food should be a natural and essential part of our existence.

And you know what? we deserve so much better than buying stuff from supermarkets…

I hope that this site will make whoever stumbles upon it think twice about the significance of eating. It came as an urge to start this blog without further ado… I did not wait till I put together pages that meet my aesthetic standards. I have been loitering (for years now) over creating a personal website to showcase my art, simply because I am still not satisfied with the looks. I did not do the same with this blog, otherwise it may have never happened! For now, I’m using an existing wordpress theme, and a delightful photo I literally stole from littlebitfunky (do check out the site, it’s worth a little detour). I am hoping the looks will get better, somehow, someday. If any of you designers out there would like pitch in, be my guests 🙂


4 thoughts on “At last came the blog

    • *Bigger waves* HELLOooOOOoOoO back!
      You reminded me of my grandma, who used to say about having to limit her diet “bawadde3 el akel wa bamoot”. Hope her heaven is now full of all the yummy stuff you loves…
      It’s a beautiful blog you have there, Hisham. And a really fuzzy name 😀
      Am definitely following!

      • Thanks 🙂
        Food is a pleasure and you can always have something that would please you (even gluten-free)

        I’ll be waiting for your posts too, they’re interesting 🙂

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